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NIKAS Shoes Industrial Group
Today : 2024 Jun 20

NIKAS A valuable choice

Nikas Shoes Industrial Group With efficient and specialized forces and using the latest production processes, it serves the country's shoe industry.

At a time when the need to produce shoes with high speed and circulation was felt and market demand in this area had increased significantly. This company was established with the aim of responding to this market and creating internal self-reliance in the field of footwear market.

Nikas Shoes Team Relying on the production power of the best samples of men's and women's shoes We are proud to meet all the needs related to the major purchase of your products, dear customers Fix with the best prices and the fastest possible time

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Nikas Shoes Industrial Group Focusing on the fact that shoes are not just a cover for the foot, but beyond protection, a measure of the credibility and personality of people in modern society, We have made every effort to provide a suitable product.

In today's competitive market, high product quality is not the only competitive advantage for shoes For this purpose, Nikas Industrial Group, in addition to using quality raw materials such as unbreakable and durable outsoles; Ergonomic design and comfortable feeding for their products, which are now the global standards for the shoe industry; Considers the main and competitive advantage of its shoes in the way it is presented and the customer feels after buying and using the shoes

At Nikas Shoes, we try to make our customers feel like they have a unique purchase

Nikas Shoes Industrial Group started its work with the policy of producing high quality products and paying attention to the needs of customers and market conditions. The company manufactures its products with medical molds and according to the ergonomic conditions of the body, Provides human and back and knee health

Nikas Shoes Organization has defined two missions for itself: one is to ensure the physical health of customers by producing a quality product in accordance with modern standards, and the other is to achieve the sensory satisfaction of consumers in Buy and use eye-catching products.

Nikas Shoes Company, by exporting to different countries in the region, has been able to provide a suitable international position for itself, as well as cooperation with various domestic wholesalers and commercial institutions. It has become stronger and stronger.

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