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NIKAS Shoes Industrial Group
Today : 2024 Feb 28
Organizational goals

By exporting to different countries of the region, Nikas Shoes Company has been able to provide a suitable international position for itself and also cooperation with various domestic wholesalers and commercial institutions has strengthened this position even more.

The company's development plans are divided into several sections: The first part is about the physical space of the company, which due to the development and diversity of production and technology in the near future, the current space is small and the company is planning to expand and develop the factory, naturally with the expansion of work space, production machines Increase will also be updated.
The second part is related to production models, which we have witnessed a significant leap and change in recent years, and the company's strategy is to diversify and produce modern models. Maintaining the health of customers by producing goods tailored to the physiological proportions of Iranians and the field of work is a regular practice of Nikas Shoes Organization, and in this context, by understanding, studying and applying the two sciences of anthropometry and ergonomics, designs and produces studied and tested products. . Anthropometry is the knowledge of the proportions and physiological dimensions of significant deciles of the population of a nation or country; Therefore, the production of footwear, based on the observance of these ratios, is a specialization of footwear production for that nation or country.

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